The Cockayne house with its new roof.

The Cockayne house with its new roof.

Raise the roof campaign

In 2003, the Marshall County Historical Society leased the Cockayne Farmhouse in order to preserve it. The most critical issue was to rebuild the deteriorated box gutter system and to redeck and replace the slate roof - Phase I of the restoration effort.

Due to limited funding, the Society proceeded on a time and material basis. By the Fall of 2004, the south gutter had been rebuilt, the main roof decking repaired and titanium underlayment covered the roof deck to protect the farmhouse while additional funding was secured. On September 5, 2005, work on the main roof was completed - the entire box gutter system had been rebuilt and NorthCountry Black Slate nailed to the decking.

Our elite sponsors noted below provided significant sources of revenue through grants and material and service donations to advance Phase 1. The "Raise the Roof' campaign was an additional very important element to providing matching funds and achieving completion of Phase 1We are grateful for the generous support of these  donors.



  • Bayer Foundation Mmjorie Manion Trust
  • AEP -Appalachian Power Company Janice Caldwell
  • In memory of her beloved husband, Roland C. Caldwell


  • West Virginia Division of Culture & History
  • West Virginia Legislative Delegation
  • Senator Jeffrey V Kessler
  • Senator Larry J. Edgell
  • Delegate Scott Varner
  • Delegate Kenneth Tucker
  • 84 Lumber
  • Bernard McDonough Foundation
  • Kalkreuth Roofing
  • Anonymous Private Foundation


  • AEP Ohio Power - Kammer-Mitchell Plant Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Allen
  • BB&T Bank
  • Bonnie Dwaine Bed and Breakfast, Sidney and Bonnie Grisell Glen Dale Elementary School
  • Glen Dale Elementary School Achieved Keystone Status through the donations of the following individuals  and classes:
    • Colleen Mowder and Gerald Sears Family In memory of Elizabeth Sears Scarry
    • Mae and Dave Gill
    • In honor of Glen Dale Elementary School Joan B. Miller
    • In memory of John H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. J.R.  Purpura
    • In memory of John H. Miller Emerson and Mary Jo McKimmie
    • In honor of Emerson, Mary Jo and Ryan McKimmie Susan and Frank Stipetich
    • In honor of Ms. Herback's 2004 Fifth Grade Class Joseph and Trudy Blake
    • In memory of Bud and Kay Moore Jerry and Jenny Herback
    • In memoryof Barbara E. Herback
    • By Jerry, Jenny, Jeremy, Amber, Thad & Elaina Tim and Jacki Minor
    • In memory of Helen Marie Minor-Sullivan Robert and Mickey Massey
    • In honor of her 5th Grade Class Colleen Mowder
    • In memory of her parents, J. Roscoe and Marguerite Sears 2003-2004
    • Elementary Class Donations as Follows:
      • Mrs. Herback - 5th grade
      • Mrs. Massey's 5th grade
      • Mrs. Mitchell - 2nd grade
      • Mrs. Hillstem - 6th grade
      • Mrs. Knuth - 4th grade
      • Mrs. Paisley - 4th grade
      • Mrs. Suter - Kindergarten
      • Mrs. Paulovick - 3rd grade
      • Mrs Neal - 1st grade
      • Mrs. Borsuk - 6th grade
      • Mrs Fisher - 2nd grade
      • Mrs. Eddy - 1stgrade


  • Kathryn Pickett Sumner
  • In memory of Kenny and Mildred Pickett 
  • UpperOhio Valley ArchaeologyClub


  • Glendale Petroleum Bulk Plant (BFS Petroleum Products, Inc.) Altmeyer Funeral Homes, Inc
  • Terry Williams, O.D. Jane Lee Butler Boyd
  • Center McMechen School
  • J.T. Ho, M.D.
  • John Marshall High School Teachers in memory of the Cockayne Family
    • Noted by Teacher Jane McNinch: John Marshall sits upon their farmland and many of us remember seeing Sam working in his yard.
  • Dora Mae Crow
  • In memory of Halcie Crow Bob and Rae Baker
  • In honor of Lenore Wilson
  • Rita Marie Swierkos & A1ma Mae Swierkos (Ed Swierkos Enterprises, Inc) In memory of Ed Swierkos, Sr.
  • Roselyn E. Rhodes
  • In memory of Raymond Rhodes, Stephen and Bernice Kerns Richard and Sharon DaRe
  • In memory of Gayel and Bob Shook Mona Sue Hall
  • In honor of Corey MacKenzie Hall, Russell David Hall, Tawnya Kae Hall, Mackenzie Alexis Hall, Mona Sue Hall and Dennis Miles Hall
  • Anita Rae Miller
  • In memory of Raymond Tomlinson, Lloyd Miller, Beryle Miller, and Alan Miller EllefsonInsurance
  • In Memory of John A. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Donald Harding
  • In memory of John A. Jones Nancy J. Ellefson
  • In memory of Millie and Sullivan B. Yoho Mr. and Mrs. David M.   Heilman
  • In memory of John A. Jones Leslie Chaddock
  • In memory of Francis Joseph Yoho, Hugh Smith Chaddock and Agnes Chaddock Phillip and Nila Chaddock
  • In memory of Francis and Bessie Yoho, Francis Jacob and Dorothy Yoho, William and Mary Scott
  • J. William and Joanne Crow Burley
  • In memory of Elizabeth K. Burley, William J. Burley, J. Robe1i Crow, Hemietta M. Crow and Robert M. Crow
  • Evan M. Rogerson
  • In memory of Elizabeth Root Rogerson, Wylie M. Rogerson, Nellie Roberts Rogerson and In honor of Evan M. Rogerson
  • John and Nancy Allen Varlas
  • In honor of Elizabeth Smith Varlas,  Jolm M Varlas and Nancy Allen Varlas.
  • Sam and Gerry Wood
  • In memory of Lew and Helen Aston and Guy and Hester Wood Ed and Gale Yoho
  • In memory of Allen E. Yoho,  Russell E Yoho, Fay Yoho


  • Deb Bmiz
  • In memory of William Schoenian and Willie Schoenian
  • Lori Mason
  • In memory of William E. Anderson John and Linda Gruzinskas
  • In memory of Louis "Booge" Kuhayda Trent G.. Mason,  M.D.
  • In memory of Hube1i L. Mason Lorraine Aliimez
  • In memory of Manuel Waitimez John and Sally Lepp
  • In memory of Cathy Tweedlie Blair Charles R. Huggins
  • In honor of SMC Charles R. Huggins USN (Ret.) and In honor of Airnold and Jennie Huggins
  • Wylie Eye and Dental
  • In honor of the Wylie Family Ralph A. McDonough
  • In memory of Madelyn J. McDonough Joyce and Robert Davis
  • In memory of Charles T. "Ted" Klima Gerald and Linda Ryan Sears
  • In memory of Mary L. Ryan Nelson
  • In memory of Roscoe and Marguerite Sears Mark and Cheryl Harshman
  • In honor of Mrs. Jean Haley Buena Wingrove
  • In memory of Charlie and Kate Klima In honor of Gary and Buena Wingrove
  • Jane C. Krupica
  • In honor of Mitchell Grondalski In memory of Alme Grondalski
  • ArdethW. Schlauch
  • In memory of Walter and Rosa Burgess Annette E. Hess
  • In memory of Charles E. Hess Lynn and John Hellstern
  • In honor of Nell and Dale Mason
  • In honor of Mary Alm Mason Hensley & Susan Mason McElroy Bill and Jane Ruckman, Ruckman Inc.
  • Archie and Mildred Cecil Burkey and Burkey Law Office Tatich Body Shop
  • George and Gail Bamberge